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callahansweight's Journal

The Callahan's Place Weight Loss Community
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for the members of #callahans, alt.callahans, callahanians, or any other Callahan's Place community to support and motivate each other in our efforts toward achieving and maintaining weight loss, fitness, and healthy eating.

This community is also intended to support body acceptance along the journey and the belief that a person can be beautiful at any weight, regardless of whether or not they have reached their "goal" yet.

While this is an open community, we do ask that only LiveJournalers who are a member of some Callahanian community join us here. There are many other open general weight loss support communities on LiveJournal. If you want to learn more about Callahan's Place and perhaps join one of our communities, you can start at Callahans.Org - a stranger is just a friend we haven't met yet.

"Shared pain is lessened, shared joy is increased. Thus do we refute entropy."
Spider Robinson

Note: This is NOT a pro-anorexia or pro-bulimia community. Our emphasis is on healthy weight loss. Pro ana/mia posts will be deleted.