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Hi. I know that none of you know me, but I've been lurking in a couple of the Callahan's communities since first running across the books in January. I'm not sure how I missed them until then, but I guess I found them at the right time.

My girlfriend and I are each trying to get into better shape. My primary goals are fitness and appearance. Hers are appearance and health. My weight fluctuates a lot - when I decide I care more about my body than my taste buds I lose weight, and when I decide I care more about my taste buds I gain. I usually gain until I weigh around 225 and lose until I weigh about 190. I'm currently at 208, down from 222 at the start of the year.

Her goal is to look better. I'm having a hard time supporting her, but I'm trying. I'm very torn. On one hand, I want her to meet any goal she sets for herself, want her to be happy with herself and want her to be healthier. On the other hand, I think her body looks absolutely perfect right now, and might look better if she gained a little weight. Nevertheless, I'm trying to help her by cooking healthier meals and encouraging her to exercise with me.

I'm looking for advice in a couple of areas.

Does anybody have any advice on scales to purchase for home use? I'd like the scale to be accurate, and to have a capacity of at least 320 pounds.

I joined after seeing another member of this community say that she used it. I've been very happy with it, and have found it to have a lot of influence over what I eat. I am worried though that I'm not eating enough right now. Does anybody have any recommendations on a minimum number of calories to eat a day?

Lastly, any advice on how to get a big beautiful woman to recognize that she's beautiful, even if she's bigger than she wants to be?
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