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I've been putting more weight on recently, so I really need to up the amount of exercise that I do. Yesterday was the first time in ages that I've done a good exercise session without either giving up half-way through the cross-trainer program or spending more time in the sauna than actually swimming.

On Sunday, I went to the gym and did quite a lot of exercise. Firstly I did the whole 28-minute weight-loss program on the cross-trainer, followed by some weights. Then I got changed and went into the pool area. As Sunday mornings is family swimming, the pool was full of children messing about, so I went in the sauna for ten minutes and came out as the families were leaving the pool. The aqua-aerobics instructor was a bit late, so I had time to swim 10 lengths before the class started.

Today, I can really feel it in my shoulders and whatever those those muscles are that run from your shoulders down to the top of your breasts (from the weights), and in my calf-muscles (from aqua-aerobics).

New Year's Season's Exercise Resolutions
1) Wednesday after work* - gym (weights & cardio workout), swimming - 50 lengths
2) Saturday morning - gym (weights & cardio workout), swimming - 50 lengths
3) Sunday morning** - gym (weights & cardio workout), aqua-aerobics, swimming - 25 lengths

* Not this week as I'm cat-sitting so I have to go and feed/stroke/play with the cats after work.
** If I am going out for Sunday lunch, then I won't be able to fit in swimming or aqua-aerobics. But that happens once a month at the very most.

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