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Welcome to the Callahan's Place weight loss community. As the name states, this forum is for members of the Callahan's online communities to support each other in our weight loss and fitness goals, body acceptance and encouragement on the way to those goals, and maintenance once our goals are reached.

Ground rules:

1. Be respectful. Have courtesy. Any posts or comments containing sniping, flaming, or personal attacks against other community members will be reprimanded and, if necessary, removed. Repeat behavior will lead to screening, removal of posting abilities, or removal from the community.

2. Off-topic posts will be tolerated to some extent (yet to be determined), especially if they contain puns. However, an effort to remain on-topic is highly appreciated. On-topic posts include (but are not limited to) those related to weight loss, diet, exercise, advice and motivation, requests for advice and motivation, clothing, food and recipes, body issues, goals, as well as occasional news related to Spider or the Callahan's books. Please, NO quiz results or non-weight-related memes or lists.

3. As our user information states, while this has been left as an open community for the time being, this community is intended only for members of the online Callahan's Place communities. This is for the comfort levels of the participants as well as familiarity and an understanding of the ideals within the books. If you are not a member of #callahans, alt.callahans, callahanians, the Delphi forum, or any other Callahan's place community, and you have not read any of the Callahan's Crosstime Saloon books, you may be better suited to one of the many other open weight loss communities on LiveJournal.
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