savage_tornclaw (savage_tornclaw) wrote in callahansweight,

Steps up to the bar and says howdy

I don't know if I'll be welcome here since I don't actively participate in any other Callahanian communities online. My time's a little limited, and I try to make the most of what I have by focusing on places where I'm needed rather than just looking for what I need. I'm not really a social type of critter, probably because in real life, places like Callahan's and Lady Sally's mostly don't exist. Though I was once privileged to work at an establishment not too unlike Lady Sally's that actually had those books as their operations manual and made them required reading for new artists. We did the best we could in the real world, minus the spiral staircases and talking dogs. I guess that's still what I'm doing now, making the best of things even when circumstances aren't always perfect.

I've been weight lifting for the last year, working on reducing my body fat percentage and upping my muscle mass. I'm seriously questioning the gender I was born with, and while I'm not sure how ready for transition I am, I am taking positive steps to reclaim my body and to make it something I can be more comfortable living in.

My weight loss and bodybuilding issues are too weird for conventional lists, but maybe they wouldn't be too weird for a Callahan's place. What do you folks think?
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